A couple of months ago, I wrote about how anyone in NYC could pretty much get anything they wanted delivered for little or no fee. At that time, I had taken advantage of delivery services for takeout food, alcohol, and toiletries. The one service I hadn't really used was grocery delivery services because it just seemed so much easier to outsource my daily food needs to Seamless instead. 

As part of married life, one of our goals is to cook more and order takeout less (sorry Seamless). Even though Food Emporium is just a block away, it still feels like such a process to actually go grocery shopping, so our new goal gave me the opportunity to try FreshDirect, one of the many grocery delivery services in NYC.

Here are my thoughts so far:

Easy Ordering: Being able to order online is reason enough to use FreshDirect vs. going to your local grocery store. I can do "grocery shopping" while I'm watching TV. Also, I don't have to choose all of my groceries in one sitting (which cuts down the pressure). I can add a couple of groceries into my cart, choose a delivery time, and then continue adding or deleting items up until the day before the order is set to ship. 

Convenience: I don't have to deal with crowds or carry heavy bags home...not to mention not having to get carded when I buy alcohol. Best of all, I don't have to physically leave my apartment - FreshDirect comes directly to my door!

Competitive Pricing: Most FreshDirect prices seem cheaper than what I see at my local Food Emporium. One example is Pepperidge Farm garlic bread. It's usually $4.99 at Food Emporium, but just $2.99 at FreshDirect. If you add up the potential savings on your weekly grocery order, you start realizing that we're talking about real money here.    

Minimal Delivery Fee: I've ordered from FreshDirect a couple of times and I've never had to really pay a delivery fee. This promo code gave me $50 off each of my first two orders of $125+ and then FreshDirect does free delivery specials periodically. I'll usually order during those free delivery times, but if not, the fee is just $5.99. If I buy three loaves of frozen garlic bread (which I did this week), the savings would pretty much net out the delivery fee.  

Saving Money with FreshDirect
1. Sign-up and Save $25: Save $25 off your first order of $99+ with this coupon.
2. Utilize Free Delivery Days: Every once in a while, FreshDirect will waive delivery fees for a week or so. Make sure to take advantage of these freebie weeks to get the most savings after your initial $25 savings.
3. Try DeliveryPass for Free: Signing up for a free trial of DeliveryPass gets you unlimited deliveries over a two month period for just 1 cent!